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A Logo

Fosters recognition of your brand
When people see your logo, they will recognize and know that it is your business

Separates you from your competitors
A strong logo design will naturally distinguish you from your competitors

Communicates trustworthiness and company stability
A logo shows potential clients that your business is stable and has invested in a
brand for itself, which helps build customer trust in your company.
Logo Design
Factors that Affect Your Logo

Company Name
Your logo will reflect your company's name and vision

Certain colors communicate different feelings in consumers. Whichever color(s) you
choose should be consistent in all your marketing materials.

Type of Logo
Do you prefer a text-based logo, an iconic logo, or al illustrative logo. Whichever
logo type you choose will have a direct impact on printing costs for your marketing

Use of Logo
Will the logo be used for web only, or for print and web? Do you plan to place the
logo on products?
Put Your Logo On Any Product!
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